Fullmetal Heart of the Cards

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Yami heard sobbing coming from the bathroom. Blinking, he carefully peeked in the shower and saw what looked like... him!! Only this other version had cat ears and a tail and his skin was a little darker. "H-Hey! Are you alright?" he asked, snapping out of his shock.



Atem had his knee’s hugged close to his chest and he had his face buried into his knee’s as he sobbed. He then heard someone speak and he looked up to stare at the person with tear filled eyes. “Y-Yes..I’m fine..” he lied.

Atem sighed “It could happen..The water was helping me get the thing out and I was trembling from the odd feeling in my lie..I mean eye.” His lie sounded pretty horrible/ “I might tell you..But not at the moment..” Tears welled back up in his eyes just thinking about it. “Clothes..? clothes do sound good..I..I guess I can tell you what’s wrong after I get clothe..” he muttered quietly.

Yami nodded a bit and helped the other up, spotting the other’s clothes and handing them to him. “Here. I’ll be right outside once you’re done changing.”

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"Already? It’s only noon," Ed laughed as Jean entered the living room. "I asumed you had work today."

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Sora was so busy eating his pocky stick that he didn’t even realize what had just happened until his and Kaos’ lips came together. The spiky haired boy snapped his teeth on the stick and pulled away, flustered. “Whaaa! Kaos you surprised me!” he said after almost choking on his piece of pocky.

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Edward was more than shocked when the Jedi knight suddenly slapped him across the face. Of all people, Obi Wan was normally calm and collected. It was the first time he actually seen him lash out at anyone. Not even his own apprentice, Anakin. “F-Forgive me, Master…” he said, averting his eyes to the floor and rubbing his cheek. “I didn’t mean to take things that far…”


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