Breaking The Seal - Open Roleplay


It had been four years. Four long years since Al and Ed had tried to bring their Mother back. Four long years since Al’s body was lost, and Ed’s arm and leg were lost as well. Four long years since Al’s soul was sealed to a set of armor by his brother.

It seemed like they were never going to accomplish their task — and now with a recent encounter with Berry; Al had doubts about even being real. And so what if he was? From the memories he had, he always seemed like he was holding his brother back. Like for some reason his Brother was better off without him. That was what he believed, anyways.

He thought that as long as he was around, his Brother would be held back by him, and that he would never be able to get his arm and leg back.

And one day that he and Ed had had a fight, it was his breaking point — he had decided that he had lived long enough in his hallow shell that he called a body. Once the fight between the two ended, Al ran off allowing Ed to believe that he just needed cool-down time, like he usually did when he ran off. Al couldn’t even remember what the fight was about. Something stupid, he was sure.

Distraught, Al walked into an empty alleyway and hid behind a dumpster the best he could. He contemplated the idea of breaking his own seal for quite a while before he decided on impulse that it was the best option that he had. He wasn’t expecting Ed to come after him for sometime, and he would never find him. Or so he thought.

Depression had gotten to Al, and he wasn’t being himself, nor was he thinking clearly when he came to this decision. Had his mind been clear, and had he not been depressed, this thought most likely would never even be created within the deepest and darkest parts of Al’s mind. But unfortunately, this wasn’t the case.

Al took off his helmet and laid it beside him carelessly. He wouldn’t need a head if he wasn’t alive. He took his arm and reached back into his body, and twords the general direction of the seal. He knew when he was close because he felt a throbbing sensation of pain. It was the only pain he knew since his body was lost — besides psychological pain, of course.

Al didn’t see this as suicide, he simply saw it as freeing his pained soul, and allowing his Brother to have an easier time in life. He didn’t think it was a bad thing, he just thought that it was time that he actually accepted death like he should have when his body was first sucked into the gate.

His thumb slowly, yet firmly pressed down on his seal. Pain whacked him almost instantly, but he had felt much more pain than this before. He made tiny sounds of protest from the pain as he continued to press down harder and harder on the seal. All he could hope, was that Ed couldn’t feel what was happening — since it was his blood used to create the seal.

His vision started to go blurry and fade as he heard a small crack. The crack didn’t appear on the seal, but damn close to it. The armor was giving under the pressure. Al grunted in pain, but managed to stifle a scream. He couldn’t make any noise that would give away his location.

He would have ended it faster, but he couldn’t see an alchemy symbol from the angle that he was looking at. So he needed to go by good all fashioned force. 

Another loud crack and he was one step closer to breaking his seal. His armored body shook in pain, making clanking sounds. Al knew that if anyone was near by, they would hear him at this point. He needed to end this fast.

"Goodbye, Brother…" He said quietly in a pained voice, getting ready to apply the pressure that would finally break the now weakened seal.

۞ —

Ed sighed to himself as he stared at the ceiling from his bed. He and Al had another fight again. The two of them had always gotten into fights like this, and it always ended with Al running off and Ed having to go look for him after the two of them had time to cool down. It had been the same ritual ever since they were children, even though Al was a suit of armor, his behavior never changed.

However, Al was acting different this time. He didn’t sound like himself. He kept bringing up things like how he shouldn’t even be here or that Ed should never have had to sacrifice his arm to bring his soul back. Just those few things he said during their fight bothered Ed and he started to worry where his brother ran off to.

Vaulting off the bed, he slid on his boots and grabbed his coat, leaving the small hotel room they were staying in. Although Central was a large city, he had a few ideas where Al could’ve run off to. One of them being sitting by the river to sulk. Ed grinned a bit. His brother was normally so predictable.

Ed headed toward the river and looked both up and down it on both sides. He’d thought spotting a giant suit of armor would be easy, but he didn’t see any sign of the glistening metal suit that was his brother. Ed frowned deeply. This was always where he found Al after their fights, so why not this time? He couldn’t have gone too far from the hotel. Worry began to crease against the eldest’s brow as he walked along the river in search of his brother before he broke out into a full run deeper into the city.

Ed searched around every corner, in every shop, up every street, and still there was no sign of him. He even asked a few people if they had seen a giant suit of armor walking around, but all of them left him with a dead end."Al! Where did you go!?" he called, and got no reply from the metallic voice. Ed was starting to panic. What if something bad happened to him? What if something bad is happening to him? Al wouldn’t just disappear like that.

Ed paused near an alleyway to catch his breath when a sound caught his attention. There was a loud crack that made the blonde jump, followed by a low screech and the sound of clanking armor that sent chills down Edward’s spine. "A-Al..?" he called, trying to peer into the dark alley.He moved further down the alley cautiously, ready for anything in case it wasn’t his brother he found.

Getting closer, he could hear the faint whisper of the words "Goodbye, Brother…" and his eyes widened as he ran toward the armor huddled behind the dumpster.

"AL, NO!" Ed screeched, latching on to the metal arm that was trying to break the seal he placed there with his own blood. "What the hell are you doing!? ARE YOU CRAZY!?" Ed screamed and tried to pull Al’s arm away. He could feel tears sting his eyes at the thought of Al succeeding and losing the only family he had left.


"Don’t think I didn’t hear that! Anyways, what’s wrong?"


۞ —

"We came up with absolutely nothing on our last lead and now I have to go tell that smug bastard directly the mission was a failure."



"Alphonse Elric, you watch your mouth. I expect that from your brother but not from you."

۞ —


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۞ —

"You were meant to be watching him!"

At least Ed was willing to admit that they didn’t need to call in the troops to look for Alphonse. Roy suspected Al just got distracted by a wayward stray, but he couldn’t deny part of him was worried. Even if Al was a large suit of durable armor, Roy would always worry about a member of his team that went missing, and Al was just as much one of his men as Ed was.


"Alright," Roy said, standing up and walking to the door. "We’ll take a car and search the streets. Try to think of where he might have gone; we’ll start there."

۞ —

Ed followed along side the Colonel as they outside to a military issued vehicle. Al was never one to just wander off without telling someone where he was going, and that worried Ed greatly. He knew Al could take care of himself. He was strong and smart and knew better than to trust strangers.

"To be honest, I’m not sure where he could have gone… It’s possible he could’ve gone to the library to continue our research…" he said, thinking of all the places Al most likely would be. It’s not like Al needed to use the restroom or grab something to eat. He couldn’t do either of those as a suit of armor.

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16: neck kiss

۞ —

Edward unbuttoned the top of the Colonel’s shirt, planting kisses along his jaw and neck before trailing his tongue back up. "You know… you taste good," he said and grinned.

"Oh really," Roy said, his lips brushing against Ed’s with each word. He brought his mouth to Ed’s ear before whispering, "Whatever shall we do with all that time?" Then he trailed kisses down Ed’s neck, biting once he reached the curve where neck met shoulder.

۞ —

A shiver ran through Ed’s body as Roy whispered in his ear and he gasped out when he felt the light bite against his neck and shoulder. Ed ran mismatched hands through dark raven hair and nuzzled against Roy’s forehead. "Why don’t you try using your imagination, genius?" he asked and slid his hands down Roy’s back.

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۞ —

"Finally! Someone gives me an awesome fighting Pokemon and not something cutesy!"

"What do you see in Mustang? I don't get why you would like someone like that."

۞ —

Ed was caught off guard by Envy’s sudden outburst and he looked over at the homunculus. "You don’t know Mustang at all. He’s not as much of an ass as you think…"

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